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Everything About Down Syndrome

The people who suffer from Down syndrome have average to low cognitive abilities and the chances of Down syndrome are 1 to 1000 births. Also this ratio greatly depends upon the age of the mother and many other factors. many of the symptoms of down syndrome may also be found in normal people such as poor muscle growth, ear infections, obstructive sleep, thyroid dysfunctions etc. It is advised that as soon as this syndrome is detected in children they should be treated in a conducive family environment and vocational training should be provided to them for their development. All of the symptoms of Down syndrome can not be overcome but with proper care and education, the life of the people affected from syndrome can be greatly improved.

Down Syndrome Treatment

Down syndrome genetically defined disorder, which is also known as Trisomy 21in UK & many other countries. It is defined as chromosomal condition caused by the occurrence of all or part of an additional 21st chromosome. Down syndrome condition was actually recognized by chromosome 21 trisomy ~ Jérôme Lejeune in 1959.